02 Your Lips

“Your Lips”


Your lips your lips, they’re calling me
Your lips your lips, they’re wanting me

Sugarpie I never tasted sweetness
like I’ve tasted when I kissed your lips
And when I see your lips ooh girl I’m melting
‘Cause I feign for some more of your kiss

It must’ve been a spell that you have put on me
‘Cause I have never felt this way before
Come back take my pain and all my misery
Your lips right back on mine that’s where they need to be

I want you here I miss ya’
I need to have you near I
I need you here to kiss ya’
I want your lips on me

Lyrics written by: Esteban Nina for Ninth Crown Productions 2001©
Music composed by: BAMI Savage for WickedEye Entertainment 1998©






Eb(m)7 – Ab(m)7


A “90’s feel” R&B/Hip Hop Song

Behind the Music:

The instrumental of this song was given to me by Bami Savage. In a room I was renting in Lawrence, MA I had a $5 microphone, a used hand-me-down desktop PC with a Windows 95 Operating System. I used a basic recording software called Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Plus. With that basic software and a computer microphone I was able to record this song. For effects I used I copied and pasted the vocals onto a new track lowered the volume by half and delayed it by a 16th note to give it a reverberation feel.

At the time I was working at Polaroid as a switchboard operator in Bedford, MA. This lyrics came to me at that time.

The first time performing this song was for at a gig with Bami. I cringe everytime I think about it. I was on stage with curly hair (I was trying to grow it out). And when interviewed on a video for that event they asked me where I was from, I responded… “M-A to V-A to V-A back”. LOL that was so corny!

Years later (2012?) I introduced the song to Ryan Beke. He instantly fell in love with it. And asked me if he could compose his own version. I was more than happy. He now performs it on his gigs. Hear his version below.

Alternate Versions

Ryan Beke

Likes and Dislikes

My favorite part of the song is:
I love the fact that I never deviated from the theme of the song. I stayed consistent keeping the song focused on her lips.

My least favorite part of the song is:
I wish that the adlibs were more elaborate. I wished I had included more instead of being so repetitive.

The part of the song I have mixed feelings about is: In the bridge it says: “I need to have you near I”

I didn’t end the sentence correctly. I know it’s a song, but my OCD kicks in about it.

Vocal recording available for free download.

If you’re a DJ and want to include the vocals of this song without the instrumental to include in your mixes, please email me… Esteban@EstebanNina*com (replace the “*” with “.”).

Download this song:

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