Song 0106


Not a lot of people can say that they found love
They say that they try but they can’t hold on
When it’s you and I I’m always grateful
I’m the lucky man at the rainbow

I know that I did good ’cause i’m always on a high
Your love drugs me baby I can’t hide
I’m with the girl of my dreams, you can say I got it right
I am so amazed that you are mine

Your loving is always good it’s always from your heart
You’re genuine and tender you’re affectionate from the start
Your loving burst like fireworks dancing in the stars
Your love is overflowing nothing can keep us apart

I’m the lucky man who placed a with for you
When I opened up my eyes I couldn’t believe my dreams came true
I will do all I can to keep you next to me
’cause without you in my life I can’t imagine my life complete

Music (“Cool Jazz”) composed by: M. Fasol 08/06/2014©
Lyrics written by: Esteban Nina for Ninth Crown Productions 11/15/2015 ©
Lyrics dedicated to: to my wife Camei Matias Nina

Help me with the song

So as promised, every week I will share a rough draft of a song I compose and post it here on this website. And it’s your job to help me continue composing with your input.

Tell me what you absolutely did not like about the song.

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Thank you so much friends and family as you continue supporting me on this journey.

With much love,
-Esteban Nina