Show You Off

Show You Off

“Show You Off”


So baby come on / get your things
I’m gonna take you out and show you off
So baby come on / put on your best
I’m gonna take you out and show you off

They broke the mold / when they made ya
I never seen a beauty / that’s greater
You’re so perfect / I had to have you
No more cloudy days / my skies are blue

It ain’t cold / when I’m with ya
‘Cause baby you are hot like the sun
I’m warm all the time / you’re amazing
Your hotness is fire / you’re blazing

‘Til this day / I’m the luckiest man alive
I’ll cherish you / until the end of time
You’re my beauty but / you’re sweet too
My affection is / all for you


Lyrics written by: Esteban Nina for “Ninth Crown Productions” 08/17/2005 ©
Music “90day-02” composed by: Esteban Nina for “Ninth Crown Productions” 08/17/2005 ©


88 BPM


F Major


F – E


This is a true uptempo Neo Soul song.

Behind the music

I was deliberately looking to make my next album strictly a neo soul album. I worked very hard on getting the neo soul vibe and found found progress with this chord progression. I am going to move forward looking to complete the entire album with a Neo Soul vibe.

The lyrics will always be dedicated to my wife Camei until this project is complete.

Likes and Dislikes

My favorite part of the song is:
The entire 2nd verse. The lyrics are consistent in keeping up with the theme all the way through. I also love how I sing the 2nd line. It comes out very naturally sweet, which is what I wanted.

My least favorite part of the song is:
The second line if the 1st verse. I wished I came up with a better rhyme scheme to strengthen the point I wanted to convey.

The part of the song I have mixed feelings about is:
The third line in the bridge. I was unsure if I should have used an “and” or a “but”.

Alternate Versions:

No alternate versions available at this time. Here’s where I will post your cover, if you create your version of my song. Use the chords above to help you create it.

Vocal recording available for free download.

If you’re a DJ and want to include the vocals of this song without the instrumental to include in your mixes, please email me… Esteban@EstebanNina*com (replace the “*” with “.”).

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