04 Internet Affair

“Internet Affair”


I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love / In this internet affair
I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love / I think you’re aware

I think I’ve fallen for you / yet we’ve never met
You’re so fine based on / pictures on the internet
I log on everyday to see you / sometimes more than twice
I know you live far away / but my hopes are set high

I know I sound silly but it’s true
I’m waiting for the day I meet you
Until that day comes
I’ll wait, ’cause you’re the one

I never believed long distance / relationships worked
But the rate we’re going, I know / you’re gonna make me convert
I wake up every morning / with you on my mind
Now I find myself running / to see if you’re online

I know I sound silly but it’s true
I’m waiting for the day I meet you
Until that day comes
I’ll wait, ’cause you’re the one

I send flowers online / L-O-L-ing all the time
I-M you a 🙂 / just to let you know that I want you mine

O-M-G / I’ve fallen for you baby
B-R-B / Be right back, but not too long
O-I-C / You drive me crazy
P-L-Z / Please have mercy on me

Lyrics written by: Esteban Nina for “Ninth Crown Productions” 2008 ©
Chorus written by: Jason “Smooth J” for “Reel Smooth Musik” 2008 ©
Music (“Internet Affair”) composed by: Esteban Nina for “Ninth Crown Productions” 2008 ©





This is a true Neo-Soul song with an internet chat theme. It’s a geeks favorite if the lyrics stand out for the listener. The bass line is one of my favorites I’ve composed. And Ryan Beke loves the change in keys. He says the chords I played shouldn’t have worked but I found a way to make it fit. (But don’t ask me how I did it, ’cause I still don’t know. LOL)

Ryan Beke later composed the alternate version of this song. (see “Alternate Versions” below)

Behind the music

In 2008 the economy was getting bad, and I was stuck for a month at Jason’s home in Virginia Beach, Virginia waiting for my next project. There was a girl I was talking to whom I met on MySpace (remember MySpace? LOL). But I never met her in person. I didn’t take the relationship very seriously since at the time I resided in Waltham, Massachusetts and she resided in Miami, Florida. Anyways one day, she tells me she misses me. But she told it to me in a way where she was falling for me. Note… we never met in person. But her photos were nice. She was attractive. And so I started to pay attention to her a bit more. I wrote this song inspired by this girl who I wanted to meet so bad. After a while I felt she really wasn’t serious. I cut off all communication with her and left her alone. I know now you’re probably wondering “what if”? But I’ll ask you… Have you seen photos of my wife? Needless to say, I have no regrets!

Likes and Dislikes

My favorite part of the song is:
I love the clever lyrics of the bridge.
O-M-G, B-R-B, O-I-C, P-L-Z,
I made the lyrics stay within the theme throughout the song.

My least favorite part of the song:
The chorus being so repetitive is something I have issues with. I try not to do it anymore. But some songs call for it, so I’ll do it. In this song it actually works. And it becomes the hook. People will come up and say: “Can you sing that song “I’m in love”. And I say: “Uh… Oh right! Internet Affair.”

The part of this song I have mixed feelings about is:
I recorded the song singing:
“Lord have mercy on me” rather than.. “Please have mercy on me”
The reason for this is that WAS the original lyric written.
It later became “Please”.

Alternate Versions:

Ryan Beke composed the music to this alternate version…

Vocal recording available for free download.

If you’re a DJ and want to include the vocals of this song without the instrumental to include in your mixes, please email me… Esteban@EstebanNina*com (replace the “*” with “.”).

Download this song:

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