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Better Late Than Never’


04 Internet Affair

I wrote this song inspired by a girl who I met online, but never in person. But her photos were nice. She was attractive. And so I started to pay attention to her a bit more. I wrote this song inspired by this girl who I wanted to meet so bad. After a while I felt she wasn’t serious. I cut off all communication with her and left her alone.


02 Your Lips

The instrumental was given to me by Bami Savage. In a room I was renting in Lawrence, MA I had a $5 microphone, a used hand-me-down desktop PC. With that computer and microphone I was able to record this song. Years later Ryan Beke instantly fell in love with it and asked me if he could compose his own version.


01 Perfect

This song was written for a woman who I was once in love with. In the song I describe how she was mean to me by saying “Girl you’re so bad / I know that you’re the devil”. But I still admired her for her self independence. Needless to say, I’m no longer with her. I opted for an angel instead. 😉